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The theater enterance

The theater enterance

The theater enterance

Out side the theater

With actor
(Saeed Abdul Ghany)

With comedy actor
(Ahmed Nabil)

With actor
(Mazhar Abu El-Naga)

With actress (Ragaa Hussan)

Cairo Casino

Days of Theater

They were along time ago, the days of working in the theater as a decoration designer. This kind of work was very useful for the artistic life of artist Essam Azouz, specailly that he was working with (Egyptian Artists) troupe, that gave him a chance to get another kind of art experience with the stars of theater art.


The enterance of the theater

Egyptian Artists troupe

With superstar (Shereen)

With the star of comedy (Sayed Zayan)

With the superstar (Tayseer Fahmy)

With the superstar (Saaeed Abdul Ghany)

With the superstar of comedy (Waheed Safe)

With the superstar (Ragaa Hussen)

With the superstar (Hala Fakher)

Street ADs. designed by artist Essam Azouz

On the stage with (Waheed Safe)

Decoration designed by Artist Essam Azouz in the theater of Ain Shams university

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