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Artist Essam Azouz the illustrator of Ummah Magazine

With famous poet (Magdy Nageeb) and journalist (Thabit Ameen)

The art dirctor of (Risalat Al-ma'ahd) magazine

The Defense minister of Great Britain Malcom Rifkind visits (Risalat Al-Ma'ahad)

Raytheon presedent visited (Risalat Al-Ma'ahad)

Business men delegation visited (Risalat Al-Ma'ahad)

General (Ameen Hussen Ahmed) commandar of training committee in the Egyptian Army

Genral (Abdul Aziz Saif Al-Saif) Commander of Western Region

Egyption embassy Military attache

With editor-in-chief Lt. Col. Ali Al-Maghrabi and the supervisor of a Patriot project

The art director Essam Azouz with the editor-in-chief of (Risalat Al-Ma'ahad)

(Saidati Sadati) and (Al Usra Al Asrayah)
Artist Essam Azouz worked for these tow arabic magazines which are
widely liked through out the Middle East.

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